Friendships and Reconnecting



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  1. Ann Marsh says:

    Hi Jo !
    I very much enjoyed listening to the “Friendships and Reconnecting “ podcast. A lot of what you and Susan were talking about really resonated with me. I have 1 good friend since childhood and she is an “Authentic friend “. Like you and Susan I came from a large Catholic family (Mom was Irish) 😉
    My best friends are my 3 sisters. My brothers are cool and all but my sisters are my best friends. Anyway, it’s great to hear your voice and I’m excited for you with your writing and podcast adventures. From your childhood neighbor at the bottom of the hill.
    Ann Senecal 🙂


    1. Hi Anne!!! Thank you so much for listening and reading Dilettante Life. I really appreciate your comments. Friendship are really special, especially when it’s a sister. I think we grew up in a beautiful place with wonderful neighbors! Keep reading and listening, there’s more to come. Cheers!


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